Gun burglary victim says suspected young thieves were unrepentant until he threatened to file charges

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Shortly before five on Wednesday afternoon Michael Lawrence said two boys, who live behind him at Shadow Creek Apartments in south Kansas City, committed an unthinkable crime.

"I was at work and police called me with unbelievable news. It was unfathomable to be honest. I mean when I was growing up we didn't do that," said Lawrence.

Police say the boys, ages eight and nine, stole his .38-caliber revolver from a nightstand drawer by his bed.

During an exclusive interview with FOX 4's Robert Townsend, Lawrence said the boys also stole his eight-year-old daughter's toy gun and one of his chain necklaces.

Investigators say the young brothers then left the apartment complex, walked down the street near Drury Avenue and Bannister Road. Once at the intersection, police say the nine-year-old boy fired the gun into the air.

Lawrence said there were six rounds in his gun.

"Man I just cannot believe it. One officer told me that he had never seen anything like that in 25 years on the police force. I mean the thinking behind it, the planning of the entire situation really is scary. Thank God nobody got killed or they didn't hurt themselves or anyone else," said Lawrence, who works as a juvenile corrections officer.

"That is scaring me, It's terrible. I am just mortified about that," said Jeanette Caldwell, who also lives at the apartment complex.

Officers filed a police report and turned the boys over to their mother.

"What's also upsetting is that neither one of the boys was apologetic at first. They just kept throwing a basketball against the building when the cops were out here asking them questions," added a frustrated Michael Lawerence.

What's more, Michael says he was so angry after the incident because the eight and nine year olds didn't change their demeanor and take the situation seriously until after he threatened to file charges against them.

"Yeah, I was mad and so that's when they both wrote me apology letters. They both pretty much said, ‘dear sir we are sorry for breaking into your home and stealing your stuff. We feel very bad, so forgive us,’” Lawrence told FOX 4.

Meantime, both boys and their mom are waiting to face a juvenile judge.

FOX 4 stopped by the boys' apartment to try to talk to their mother, but she apparently was not home.

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