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Vandals shatter loved one’s memory, but police make arrests in case

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ST. JOSEPH, Mo. -- A man dedicated a statue in St. Joseph to the love of his life, but Saturday night, vandals knocked that statue to the ground.

Thursday afternoon, police tracked down the three teenagers who are suspects in the vandalism.

Regina is Stephen Holdenried’s wife who passed away 15 years ago. Her memory hangs on the walls in his home and also stands in one of his favorite places in St. Joseph. But on Saturday, her memory was shattered.

“One of the kids grabbed the statue and yanked on the wing and brought it down,” said Stephen Holdenried.

Police say a 14-year-old boy admitted to pulling the statue and two other teens were there when it happened. You can see them jumping into a car in home surveillance video.

Police say the case has been turned over to the juvenile authorities for review because the vandals involved were all between the ages of 13 to 15.

“I want this to stop, I don’t want this to continue,” said Holdenried.

The vandalism is an insult to his wife, but he says it’s a bigger insult to the community. Holdenried helped build the park in 2002 with the help of neighborhood kids.

“This park belongs to this neighborhood and the people of this park are very protective of this park,” he said.

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