Metro mom outraged, says son and friend were padlocked inside Sugar Creek property

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SUGAR CREEK, Mo. -- Rebecca Peeler says her son Dakota and his friend were riding bikes in the neighborhood, including Mallinson Vineyard and Winery, when she says the owner, Matt Mallinson, called police and padlocked them inside the gate.

"I didn't even know it was private property, there's nothing to signify that it's private, it appears public. If I don't understand and know that it's private property, how is a 13-year-old supposed to know this?" Peeler said.

"The signs clearly state, 'Mallinson Vineyard and Hall,'" said Mallinson.

Peeler says there was no reason to call police, and especially not lock them inside.

"No other adult has the right to padlock my child in an enclosed area and not allow them to leave," Peeler said.

But Mallinson says he didn't lock them in, and says there are two other gates that were unlocked.

"I simply walked in, closed the gate," said Mallinson.

But Peeler claims the boys had to hand their bikes over the gate in the end, and doesn't see why that was the case if the gate was unlocked.

"And then they had to climb over the gate to get out," said Peeler.

She says all he had to do was ask her son and his friend to leave, and they would have.

"If they're on private property, and potentially doing destructive things, plus I have a liability here, regardless if they're 13 or 18 or 90, if they`re going to be jumping off of your stairs, maybe a gentle reminder from the police force is adequate from preventing them from doing that in the future," Mallinson said.

"I think it's terrible that somebody who's in the position that he's in, as the mayor of Sugar Creek, also being on the Independence School Board -- and he oversees our children, and this is his interaction with children instead of talking to them and explaining why they cant be there," added Peeler.

Peeler says she's told her son to stay away from the property altogether in the future.

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