KC business owner has stern advice for prospective thieves following break-in

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A man with failing health who runs his own business in east Kansas City says protection was the reason he shot a man who broke in Sunday morning. Cancer has been the Willie Hill’s biggest struggle, but Sunday’s break-in was a different type of scare.

He owns E/T Auto off 54th Street and Prospect Ave. He says he’s spent the last few years building up his business on a little car in east Kansas City. He says he works hard for what he has, and felt he had the right to protect it all and himself when someone broke onto his property at about 9 a.m. Sunday.

Even though his cameras weren’t recording, he says he could see on a surveillance monitor, a man inside one of the cars. He says he yelled to scare the man, but instead the man kept moving, this time toward a second car. That’s when Hill says he grabbed his rifle. He fired a couple of warning shots and the man ran back through the hole in the fence in which he came, but Hill said he didn’t get away without taking a bullet. Hill says he then called 911.

“I am sorry that he got shot. I hope he’s okay. I really didn’t try to hit him. I hope he changes life. I really do. Even though it was like an adrenaline rush, it was still scary,” Hill said.

He says he also has advice for anyone who tries to help themselves to someone else’s things.

“I’m going to call it the low road. The road that’s going to end in devastation for your life and people are throwing away their lives every day. You do have a choice,” he advised.

Hill says over the years, he’s had two other break-ins and a face-to-face encounter with a third intruder. Fox 4 is awaiting more information from police about the man who was shot and whether or not he faces charges. Hill says he was released from talking with police Sunday afternoon and doesn’t face any charges.