Shots ring out in apartment hallway, leaving missionaries praying for their lives

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Police say at 10 p.m. on Monday, two people had a shootout in the second floor hallway of an apartment building.

Bullet holes lined the hallway of The Ridge at Chestnut Apartments at 87th and Holmes. People who live there say two series of shots were fired.

One bullet went through the door of two missionaries who live in the apartments. The sisters say they normally pray for others, but say they prayed for themselves during the commotion.

When the shots rang out the sisters said they were planning for their duties, heard a loud noise, and looked at one another. They said it didn't take them long to realize the sounds they were hearing came from a gun, and that's when they said they ran into their bedroom and laid on the floor.

"We prayed that no one would get hurt and the police would be able to find whoever this person was, and figure out why he decided to just open fire in our apartment,” said Sarah Sneed.

Despite bullets fired into a second floor hallway with many people who live close by, police say no one was injured. The sisters said while they feared for their safety, they're not afraid, but are thankful they'll be transferred out of the area next month when their missionary work is complete.