Woman urges vigilance after falling victim to credit union skimming scam

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A local credit union says it's working with police after a skimming device was placed on one of its ATMs. One of its customers said her account was compromised, and said she's frustrated that no one from the credit union told her when they found out.

Goldie Arnold recounted an embarrassing moment she had at the store Wednesday morning.

"They ran my card through, and it was declined, and I’m like no way this could be happening,” said Arnold.

She knew she had money in her account, so she asked them to keep trying.

“So they ran it three more times, and then they said let’s go to another machine 'cause I said, 'something’s wrong with your machine,'” said Arnold.

When Arnold went home and called her credit union, she said that’s when she learned her account had been compromised, possibly from a skimming device.

She said she last used her debit card at the Community America Credit Union ATM at 93rd and North Oak Trafficway on April 24th. According to a statement from Community America Credit union, April 24th is when a skimming device was place on the ATM for a short time.

On May 2nd and 3rd, a pair of fraudulent charges showed up on Arnold’s account from the St. Louis area, both for $503. Arnold says she’s upset that Community America never contacted her.

"If we would have been on a trip and traveling, and could not have used our debit card and didn’t know why,” said Arnold. ‘I didn’t know whether all my bills had been paid because I use bill pay."

She says Community America claimed not to have her number, even though she says she updated it all months ago.

"I just thought it was totally inefficient the way they handled the whole process,” said Arnold.

Arnold got her money back, including an additional $42 that she says was accessed from her savings account. She wants others to pay closer attention to their accounts.

"I would hate for this to happen to somebody else,” said Arnold.

In response to the skimming device being found, Community America Credit Union released the following statement:

“Community America Credit Union is aware that a skimming device was placed on our North Oak branch ATM for a period of time on Friday, April 24. We are working with local authorities to investigate this situation. Any members who used that ATM during this time have been notified and their cards have been closed. We worked diligently with affected members to resolve any fraudulent charges as swiftly as possible. As always, it's important to check your statements frequently and report any suspicious charges to your financial institution immediately."