Rob Gronkowski shares his thoughts on the ‘Deflate-gate’

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New England Patriots’ tight end Rob Gronkowski finally spoke out on the ‘Deflate-gate’ after the NFL announced Wednesday that the New England Patriots likely deflated footballs and members of the staff were  “at least generally aware” of the violations.

His response might surprise you.

In the video above he said:

“So you know, I was just at a charity event for the kids. There was media there, talking about the kids, all the fun we were having with the kids. Unbelievable foundation. I was going to leave and the media runs, comes storming out, and wants to know all about the Deflate-gate. But guess what? What about all the fundraising for the kids? All the kids, everyone doing a great job. All the behinds the scenes work I do. No one ever wants to expand on that. There only worried about the story on the Deflate-gate.”

Gronkowski then flexes and says:

“You know, these aren’t deflating (as he flexes his biceps). These are only inflating. So get ready because I’m going to be ready.”

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