Metro woman gets the ultimate Mother’s Day gift—a baby girl

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MERRIAM, Kan. — Sometimes it's hard to find mom the perfect gift on Mother's Day, but one Prairie Village mom says she got the best gift ever.

"A-s-h-l-y-n. "

Mandie Markham smiles as she proudly spells the name of her first born, Ashlyn. But when it comes to spelling out how she's feeling about becoming a mom, she's stumped.

"It's...unbelievable," said Markham. "There aren't enough words to describe."

Markham wasn't due for another week but started having contractions.

"About four o'clock this morning she said I'm not waiting anymore. She decided it was time to go," said Markham.

Just in time for Mother's Day, this new mom gets to lock eyes with what she calls her most precious gift.

"You don't realize how fast you take to it once they're here. It's so different from when they're inside of you and you get to hold them, I don't think I could love her anymore."

Markham's husband Kyle had been shuffling this week, trying to find the expectant mom a Mother's Day gift.

"It was on my the list of things to do," Kyle Markham said.

But little Ashlyn thought she would help her dad out and came one week early.

Now, for the Markhams, Mother's Day is not only just a holiday, it's little Ashlyn's birthday too.

"It's amazing," said Mandie Markham. "I couldn't of asked for a better gift on Mother's day."