A promise kept, another broken and illegal dump site gets costly in Problem Solvers roundup

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- It's time to check back on problems FOX 4 Problem Solvers told you about earlier this month.

Remember the story about the headstone that had been paid for but never delivered to a family gravesite at Ashland Perpetual Care Cemetery in St. Joseph?

We're sad to report it still hasn't been placed on the grave of Janice Sollars' parents. That's despite assurances to FOX 4 from cemetery owner Cora Bullock Opuiyo that the headstone would arrive in a few days.

She made that promise two weeks ago. The family has now filed a complaint with Missouri's Attorney General. As for Cora Bullock Opuiyo, she's now an official member of the FOX 4 Problem Solvers Hall of Shame.

The last time FOX 4 Problem Solvers was in Kansas City's Historic Northeast neighborhood, it was to check out a huge illegal dump site behind a vacant apartment building. Neighbors complained to us that the smell and the flies were overwhelming them. The good news is that within days of the reporting the problem to the city, it was cleaned up and the city tells us it will send the absentee property owner the bill.

True to its word Top Shelf Roofing was hard at work this week fixing the leaky roof on Jake Kraus' Raymore home. As FOX 4 Problem Solvers reported earlier, Kraus is the guy who paid a different roof company (Kansas City Premium Roofing) to roof his house. He thought all was well until a year later when it developed a leak. Since the roof had a five-year warranty, he expected the company to fix the problem.

He called. And called. And called. More than a year later, the leak has never been fixed.

When FOX 4 also couldn't reach the company, we turned to good guy roofer Shawner McAlpin owner of Top Shelf Roofing for help.

"What we found is that the roof peak has a transition and there is no sealant or secondary layer under there and that's where the water is infilitrating," said McAlpin after inspecting the roof.

This week a crew from Top Shelf braved the rain and fixed Kraus' roof free of charge, solving a problem and earning a spot in the FOX 4 Problem Solver Hall of Honor.

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