Metro aid volunteer would gladly return to Nepal to render further help

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A local aid worker narrowly escaped the second deadly quake to hit Nepal in recent weeks. While she thinks the people of Nepal could use a break, she says she doesn’t want one!

"If I could, I`d be back there right now."

That’s Abigail Hayo’s response, after getting back to Kansas City from helping Nepal quake victims. She’s a 15-year volunteer with the United Aid Foundation.
Usually she’s on medical mission. Nepal was her first disaster scene.

"Every time you turn around there`s just another horrible looking scene, another story of, 'oh my friend is this person that knows this person, who`s lost this person,'” said Hayo.

The day after, her first full day back in the metro, her phone started blowing up. That’s when she learned yet another deadly quake hit Nepal.

"Some of the kids and the people that we work with were texting to let us know that they were okay, or that they hadn`t been able to reach somebody. I`m just like these people need to have a break, I can`t believe this is happening,” said Hayo.

Hayo doesn’t want a break. She says she'll gladly go back to continue giving aid to some of the most resilient people she’s ever met.

"They`re just the most beautiful warm people and they are strong and they will get through this but they need help,` said Hayo. "There was no rioting so to speak. People were just so appreciative of everything that we could bring them,” Hayo continued.

If you’d like to help Nepal quake victims through the United Aid Foundation, click here.

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