Mother duck & ducklings take shortcut to creek through hallways of Prairie Village church

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PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. -- Nearly every year for the past 22 years, members of the Village Presbyterian Church have enjoyed a mallard duck mother who nests in their courtyard.  Unfortunately, the courtyard is toward the front of the church, while the creek they need after they hatch, is behind the church.

So nearly every year, after the ducklings hatch, the church staff opens the doors and guides momma duck and her little ones into the hallways and out the door closest to the creek.

It's a slow parade. She isn't quite sure about the audience of people, because on their way, the duck family passes a class of pre-schoolers who are thrilled to see the waddling parade. Momma duck sometimes tries to turn around and lead her children in the opposite direction, but a church member steps into block her path or gently nudges her along with the whisks of a broom.

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