Police locate 10-year-old’s mom after boy was found alone in the rain on Friday

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Officers say 10-year-old Anthony Javion Johnson, who goes by A.J., was found at about 1 p.m. in the area of 17th and Kansas, and late Friday night they say they located his mom after an extensive search.

A woman called police and said she spotted A.J. outside of her home on Friday sitting under a tree in the rain, and he wasn't wearing shoes. Police spent the afternoon and a lot of Friday night trying to locate A.J.’s mom, who the little boy identified to police as Quinnesha Johnson.

“I kept him inside, I gave him something to eat as we waited for the officer to come,” said Catherine Hewitt, who found the little boy. “I just couldn’t let him go back out in the storm and wander around when I knew something was definitely wrong.”

Hewitt said she let A.J. watch cartoons until police arrived, and her son who is around the same age gave him a pair of shoes to wear.

“There’s no telling how long he had been outside before I opened my back door,” she told FOX 4. “I noticed he had on no socks, no shoes and he just stood under the tree and therefore I knew something was going on with him, he was looking scared.”

Hewitt said A.J. told her he wasn’t at school because he was suspended.

“He didn’t talk unless I asked him a question and I was basically trying to find out his mom's name or number,” she said.

Police say they have no further details to release at present.