Man thankful that neighbor rushed to his aid after minivan driver struck him, sped away

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A man is outraged after he says a driver ran him over and didn’t stop. He says if it weren’t for his neighbors, he’d be in worse shape. When Anthony Yarbrough went on a walk Sunday afternoon, he didn’t realize he’d be putting his life on the line

Yarbrough said a driver in a green minivan slammed into him from behind during his stroll through a KC neighborhood.

“Hit me wide open, basically like I wasn’t even there and left me for dead like I was an animal,” said Yarbrough.

Police say the driver took off, leaving Yarbrough lying on the side of the road. He called for help and Sherry Hahn answered. Hahn heard a loud bang and then Yarbough’s voice. She called 911 and rushed to his side.

“He had a big gash on the side of his head, road rash down his side,” she recalled.

She stayed with him until an ambulance arrived, and the hit and run left her rattled.

“I like to walk down here and I’m fearing to do that. I’m afraid someone might hit me,” Hahn said.

Yarbrough says he clearly remembers what the van looks like and has an idea of who the driver might be. He says he just wants police to check it out.

“It’s probable cause just to ask. Stop by to see if it has my chunk meat underneath it. The thing, full force nonstop ran me over,” Yarbrough said.