Firefighters believe 1st floor Liberty apartment fire quickly spread to upper floors

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LIBERTY, Mo. --One person died Tuesday morning in an apartment fire in Liberty, Mo. Fire and rescue crews arrived at Jefferson Park Apartments in the 1200 block of Missouri Ct. around 3:45 a.m. after hearing reports of large flames coming from one of the buildings.

A resident on the first floor of the apartment complex said they heard a huge bang and noticed that flames had engulfed the door across the hall.

"I thought I heard a gunshot and thought maybe it was someone acting stupid when my girlfriend said she saw fire, and so I look out the door and sure enough there was fire," Jonathan Kane said.

Kane told FOX 4 that he moved quick to get his family out of the apartment.

"The apartment across from mine was scorching in flames, and so I got my mom up and banged on the door,  got my mom up and didn't have anything on so the guy was nice enough to give me his jacket and a couple other people gave us their jackets and shoes and stuff like that," Kane said. "I'm just glad my kids are okay, and everyone in the apartment is okay."

Firefighters said they believe the fire started in a first floor apartment then quickly spread to the second and third floor.The fire eventually burned through the attic of the building.

"I woke up and heard people banging on the doors and got my mom and told her something was going on," Kasey Fridley said. "We heard the smoke alarm, and so we all got up, grab the things we needed and we got out. We went around the corner, and we saw flames shooting out of the bottom."

liberty fire

Rescue crews pulled one person from a first floor apartment, but the individual did not make it. One other person has been transported to the hospital to be treated for serious burns and smoke inhalation.

The blaze took fire fighters from KCMO and Fort Osage Fire more than an hour to put out.

Fire investigators were still trying to determine the cause of the fire.

American Red Cross on the scene to help provide relief to the 34 people who have been displaced from their homes. The Red Cross said they will provide a place to stay for eight of the people. Everyone else said they will be able to stay with family and friends.

Firefighters told residents that they don't think anything will be salvageable due to the smoke, fire and water damage. According to the Jefferson Park Apartments' policy all residents are required to have renters insurance, which is expected to help replace some of the belonging damaged in the fire.

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