Trapshooter from Grain Valley now holds Guinness World Record

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GRAIN VALLEY, Mo. -- Trapshooter David Miller is now in the Guinness Book of World Records. He shattered 3,653 clay targets in one hour at Heartland Trap and Wobble Skeet, a Harrisonville range.

"My goal was 3,600," said Miller, a 41-year-old shotgun product manager and pro shooter for CZ- USA.

He beat his goal this past weekend, and set a new Guinness world record for the most clay targets shot in one hour.

"They did a lot of research and set the bar at 3,000 targets to be shot in one hour, and they gave me a list of rules in which to follow," Miller added about the record.

Miller has been shooting for 27 years, competitively for 17. He shot 3,653 clay targets with more than 500 people watching -- including a Guinness World Records representative from New York.

"I had hit 3,607 the practice prior, and before that it was 3,157 so I've gotten better every single time," Miller said, who was able to reach his goal with the help 60 volunteers.

"I had 30 shotguns that I was using. And they would line them up right here all the way back - there was a row of tables with 60 feet of tables with 5,000 shotgun shells on top of them. They would load them, and just pass them up here, I'd empty them and they'd go back in the assembly line and come right back to me," he continued.

Miller shoots in an unusual way that's faster, and takes less energy.

"It's an endurance test, the thing that probably surprises people most is I'm not shooting the gun from the shoulder, I'm shooting all of them from the hip," said Miller.

Miller and his team have been working to put this together since last May, but for something more meaningful than just the title.

"It was a fundraising event that we worked out with and in conjunction with Pheasants Forever," he said, "they help establish habitat for upland bird hunting, they teach youth how to shoot and be lawful gun owners."

Pheasants Forever raised $80,000.

"Proceeds were raised to benefit the No Child Left Indoors program," said Miller.

This Guinness record was the first of its kind with these rules. Miller says he hopes if other trap shooting enthusiasts try to top his record, they too do it for a good cause.