City Council promises to vote on proposal to boost minimum wage

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Thousands of workers in Kansas City who are struggling to make ends meet might soon get a pay raise.

The City Council is promising to vote in July on a proposal to boost the minimum wage.

A group supporting a minimum wage hike presented their petition to the City Council Thursday. The group said they have enough signatures to get their proposal on the ballot in August. But instead of letting Kansas City residents vote on this controversial issue, City Council Members promised to come up with a wage proposal by July.

Fast food workers have been protesting low wages for the past couple of years. The petitioners want the minimum wage to go up to $10 dollars an hour this fall and slowly increase each year until it reaches $15 dollars an hour in 2020.

City Council members said they didn’t want to rush to get this issue on the ballot. Instead, they decided to continue the debate over the next couple of months and present a solid plan by mid-July.

Supporters of this issue argue that too many families in Kansas City are suffering and struggling to make ends meet by not making a livable wage. They said many people work two or three jobs and still struggle to pay the bills.

Opponents of the minimum wage increase warn if the minimum wage goes up, business owners might close shop and leave town. Opponents said they believe thousands of workers will lose their jobs because owners won’t be able to afford them, and prices could rise to help pay for the increased wages.

Los Angeles lawmakers recently passed a $15 dollar an hour minimum wage and joined Seattle and San Francisco. New York and Washington DC are also considering raising minimum wage to $15 dollars an hour.