Deputy recalls horrific accident scene where he helped save teenage boy’s life

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LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. -- A teenage boy was injured so badly that friends say they didn't think he would survive. A Johnson County, Mo., deputy sheriff is thankful the boy survived, calling the accident one of the worst he's ever witnessed.

What he did after that could be the reason a 14-year-old boy is alive. Deputy sheriff Jeffrey Martinez shook his head in disbelief recalling the scene.

"You can see the carnage of the wreck," he explained.

He stood near what's left behind of the day he says he will never forget.

"Had you ever seen anything like this before?" FOX 4's Megan Brilley asked.

"Not like this no ma'am," Martinez said.

It was Tuesday night. Martinez was on his way home from work, when a truck swerved into his lane and crashed into a ditch.

"Jumped out of my car. Gave my keys to some lady and said move my car. Me and another guy just ran down there to him," he said.

He ran up to hear a father yelling for help, trapped in the driver seat.

"Mayhem. Stuff I would never want my kids to see," he said.

A 14-year-old boy had a tree branch impaled through his lower body.

"Fight. Look at me. Don't think about the pain," Martinez recalled saying.

He fought to keep the boy alert, until help arrived.

"That's a tough little kid man I'm proud of him," Martinez said.

Martinez says what he saw the scene will stick with him forever, but the fact doctors say the boy will survive, makes it all worth it.

"Make it man. You got a bunch of people praying for you and fighting for you. You really do," he said.

Friends of the family say the teenager's dad had been very sick and passed out at the wheel. He was taking the teen to baseball practice. Doctors are saying he has a long road ahead, but that there is a decent chance he will play sports again.