Family uncertain about their safety while grieving murders of mother and son

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CLINTON, Mo. -- He was 17-years old and she was 46-years old; a son and his mother found murdered in a home in Clinton, Mo. early Thursday morning, May 21.

The day after their murders, their family continues to feel the loss and the grief, remembering their last contact and conversation with Sandra Kay Sutton and Zachary Sutton.

sandra and zach

Sandra's daughter Cassandra Pottoroff  said the last time she spoke to her mom was on May 19, the day before she was murdered.

"It was the 19th and I was just telling her about what we were having for supper and she was telling me that she just got through eating pizza at my sister's house and I asked her about her job and she was telling me that she didn't get it but she put two applications in at Casey's," said Cassandra.

Cassandra Pottoroff , Sandra Sutton's daughter

Cassandra Pottoroff , Sandra Sutton's daughter

In an exclusive interview, FOX 4's Shannon O'Brien asked her daughter if Sandra had asked for police protection and was focused on hiding from the man accused of holding her in a box from January until April 30, when she escaped and ran to a neighbor's home in Sedalia.

"She was trying to stay hid the best she could," Cassandra said. "I know that she wanted to be with her family."

She said she hadn't talked to her mom for awhile, even before her escape from the box. She said she was mad at her mom for a period because she left Cassandra and her kids at James Horn's house.

According to Cassandra, she and her kids had moved in with her mom and James Horn following an argument at her own home. One night Sandra and James went to get diapers for one of Cassandra's kids, but never returned. Cassandra says she got a call from her mom saying she wasn't going to come back until they were gone from the house.

It was only later that she says she learned from her mom that Horn allegedly started kicking her on their trip out for diapers. Horn's sisters reportedly came and moved all Cassandra's things and the children's things back to Cassandra's house.

When Sandra escaped from the box, Cassandra says one of the police officers gave her mom her number, and Sandra texted her.

"She texted me and was like, 'It's Mom. Please call.'"

Cassandra says she told her what had happened the night she went out to get diapers.

"She planned on helping me and stuff, but he started kicking her," Cassandra said.

Sandra also told her daughter a little about being trapped in the box. Cassandra says her mother told her that Horn measured his couch and that's how he decided on the size of the box.

She says her mom told her she kept her spirits up by listening to a 'Bible radio station' and prayed for God to give her strength in her legs to escape.

"She was just getting... bounced back, starting over, looking for a job," she said.

Cassandra says her mom knew this wasn't the last she'd see James Horn, because she knew she'd have to face him at trial.  She doesn't think her mom suspected he was dangerous enough to kill her.

In a Facebook post visible to the public, another woman who identified herself as one of Sandra Sutton's daughters and Zachary Sutton's sister described her enormous pain over their murders.

"So Im up late at night, crying of course. I cant eat, I cant breathe, I cant function," the post says.

It continues:

"The world doesn't give a sh** if your mother, the only parent that's been present your entire life, and your baby brother died in a double homicide. The world doesnt stop. The world doesnt give you a break. This small family of ours was all that I ever had, was all that was ever consistent...I had her for just one instance. I didnt tell her I loved her. I didnt tell her she was going to be a grandmother again. I didnt do anything I should have done and I feel so soooo stupid and foolish. I watched her walk out the door to my house late last night. I had a bad gut feeling but figured she was getting tired. I told her to come over everyday. Earlier in the week, we discussed tasers and pepper spray for her walks on the Katy Trail. My brother had come over yesterday to possibly pick out a puppy for his girlfriend because Blanca died the day before. He was so sweet and so very innocent. Did any of you REALLY know him? Did any of you care to get to know him? "

James Horn, the main suspect in the death of Sandra Kay Sutton and Zachary Sutton, remained on the run on Friday.

James B. Horn Jr.