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Power line shock sends KC man to hospital in critical condition

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Kansas City man involved in a do-it-yourself project at his home is lucky to be alive. He got shocked by electricity. Police say a man working on his house was shocked after his ladder came in contact with nearby power lines.

"I was drinking coffee around 9 a.m., and I heard a loud boom and the lights went off," said Lester Jackson, a neighbor.

Jackson said his neighbor has been doing a lot of work on his house and knew immediately what happened.

"The first thing I thought about was him, because I work on my house, and I had seen him doing some work on his, and I kind of figured he might have come in contact with the wires because they're awfully close to his house," added Jackson.

Jackson said he doesn't know his neighbor well, but met him a few times.

"I got up and looked around the corner, he had a helper with him, and the helper was asking someone to call 911," said Jackson.

Police rushed to home, near East 43rd and Tracy.

"When we got there the gentleman was laying beside the ladder where he leaned the ladder up against his house and touched an electrical line," said Sergeant John Bryant with the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department.

Sgt. Bryant said the power lines shocked the man.

"It threw him back away from the ladder and he was laying on his back," said Sgt. Bryant, "His wife was kneeling beside him trying to do CPR but she was very hysterical."

Sgt. Bryant started CPR.

"I started doing chest compressions after I identified that he had no pulse, he wasn't breathing, his eyes were rolled back," added Sgt. Bryant.

The man started breathing again and paramedics took him to area hospital.

"When they did leave they said they got a pulse from him but it didn't look good," added Jackson.

Sgt. Bryant says the man is in critical condition in an area hospital.