Clay County town watching flood waters rise yet again

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MOSBY, Mo. — More rain means more problems for residents of Mosby, Missouri, just one week after high water forced the many of the town's 200 residents to evacuate.

On Sunday morning, several streets in the Clay County town northeast of the metro were impassable due to high water. Mosby resident Thomas Sullivan spent his morning on flood watch, observing the Fishing River rise.

"Every time it starts raining you wonder how much you're going to get," said Sullivan.

Sullivan says he has lived in Mosby for 23 years. Last weekend marked the third time his house has flooded.

"It got everything," said Sullivan. "I had about an inch and a half in my living room.”

"I'm over it! I'm over it and ready for it to be done," said Mosby resident Tasha Cazzell, who has been living at her mom's house since being forced to evacuate a week ago. "Last week we got like seven inches in my house. We're in the process of ripping everything out and replacing everything."

With the Fishing River once again coming dangerously close on Sunday, Cazzell said she was afraid it could be weeks before she goes home.

"More water, it's already in my backyard,” said Cazzell.

A flash flood watch is in effect in Clay County until Monday morning. The Clay County Sheriff's Office said that no one had been forced to evacuate due to the latest round of heavy rain as of Sunday afternoon.

Thomas Sullivan said if the water keeps rising, he's gone for good.

"I'm going to get the heck out of here,” said Sullivan.