Many animals die in Lawrence pet shop fire

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LAWRENCE, Kan. — The owner of a Lawrence pet shop says she’s heartbroken after it went up in flames on Monday. Firefighters worked to put the fire out while dozens of employees at the shop frantically tried to save the animals, but many didn’t survive

Although the building doesn’t look too bad from the outside the owner says on the inside, it’s a disaster. The owner says none of the mammals or birds survived, but many reptiles did.

The store was closed Monday. The staff was getting ready to run an annual 5K when they heard the news that the building was on fire.

They raced to the pet store to try to save as many animals as possible. Staff from the hardware store next door even rushed over plastic tubs and pools filled with water for the animals. Sherry Emerson says she and her husband have owned the shop for 27 years and are overwhelmed with loss.”Lawrence people are awesome. They surround you. They were here, no questions asked. Everybody just pitched right in,” she said.

Firefighters are still trying to determine the cause of the fire and a cost estimate on the damage. Emerson said if her husband wants to reopen, they will.

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