Memorial Flag Fund in Mission honors our servicemen and women

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MISSION, Kan. -- If you're driving down Johnson Drive in Mission you might notice flags along the road. They're part of a Memorial Flag Fund honoring our servicemen and women.

"I think having these flags out is a great reminder that freedom is not free," says  Arcie Rothrock, who donated to the Memorial Flag Fund in honor of her brother -- Jeff Hartman, who is currently serving in the Navy.

"That's the least I can do," says Rothrock, "I feel like I owe them something."

The city of Mission decided to do something new this year -- a Memorial Flag Fund.

"The street lights are new to downtown Mission, we have new poles, and they come with flag brackets," says Emily Randel with the city of Mission.

Randel says a $50 donation goes toward purchasing the flags and future replacements to honor veterans and those who are currently serving.

"There`s a lot of support for our veterans and service members to be able to show that type of pride in our downtown area," adds Randel.

Doug Gregg also donated to the flag fund in honor of his father - Lester Lorence Gregg -a WWII veteran.

"The veterans whether from WWII, WWI, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, all of them have made a contribution to our own freedom, to what we`re able to do, to what we`re able to accomplish for our own lives," says Gregg.

Gregg says his father served, he opened the answering service business in Mission Gregg currently runs.

He says driving down Johnson Drive to work and seeing the flags is a good reminder.

"Makes me think of my dad, and how important his service was to him, and he felt it was important to the future for his family," Gregg adds.

He says his father, others who served, and are serving, are making a contribution for the future.

"And I can make this contribution back to recognize them," says Gregg.

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The flags will be up through July 4th and will be back up for Veterans Day.