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Four of seven public pools open in KCMO after water reaches required temperature

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Memorial Day weekend is when public swimming pools traditionally open, but cool weather and cold water kept several pools from opening up on time.

Riverside was one of several pools closed last weekend after health officials decided the water was just too cold, but the pool finally opened up for the first time Wednesday, making four of the seven public pools open for business. Only Brush Creek, Grove Park and the Bay were still closed as of Thursday morning.

Health officials in Riverside and Kansas City said they want the water at 70 degrees before pools open to the public. Officials warn that even at 70 degrees, the water is still really cold and can be dangerous for adults and children. Health officials say that swimmers could lose body heat quickly when submerged, and prolonged exposure can cause hypothermia and shock.

Instead of jumping in, health officials recommend adults and children get into the water slowly and let your body get acclimated to the cold water.

According to the American Red Cross, the temperature for lap swimming should be at least 77 degrees. The temperature for children taking swim lessons or playing in the water should be at least 83 degrees.