Suspected gunman dead after shootout; 3 officers shot expected to live

Man riding horse gets pulled over in Clay County on suspicion of “riding while intoxicated”

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Photo courtesy of Clay County Sheriff’s Facebook page.


KANSAS CITY, Mo. —  Police said that in early May they received reports of a “drunk man on a horse, drinking beer, weaving in and out of traffic.”

According to the post on Clay County Sheriff’s Facebook page, the man who was riding the horse was due in court a few days later for a DWI and was trying to prevent getting another.

FOX 4 left a message for Lieutenant Will Akin to find out if it was illegal to ride  a horse while intoxicated or if the man faced any charges.  We will update the story as soon as we hear back.

Police said they ensured that the man and his horse arrived home safely.

“Please find a designated driver- Driver Sober… errr… Ride Sober or Get Pulled Over!” the Clay County Sheriff said in the Facebook post.