Once controversial figure now upsetting others in his new line of work

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OTTAWA, Kan. -- Painting her home is just one of the jobs Schuyler Whalen hoped to have completed before her baby arrives this summer. But four months and more than $600 later, she said her home needs more work than before.

She puts the blame on painter Matt Creed, the owner of Incredible Home Solutions.

FOX 4 first met Creed a couple of years ago when he owned a now defunct blog called Blabbermouth. Creed used the blog to post mugshots, but he would take down your mugshot, if you paid him a fee. Those featured on the blog complained they were being extorted, but Creed said the blog was just his way of discouraging people not to get in trouble with the law.

Now Creed has found a new line of work and it appears to be creating almost as much controversy.

"A nightmare truly," said Whalen who pointed to a cabinet door Creed had painted. The problem was that he painted the wrong side of the door.

That was just one of the problems. Whalen said it was difficult to get him to keep appointments.

"His daughter was sick," she recalled. "Then he was sick. Then his van broke down."

When Creed finally showed up at her home late one afternoon, he stayed until three in the morning.

"We thought 10, 11, good. Not three in the morning," Whalen said.

But more concerning than the hours, was the work. The stained, dark wood on her banister wasn't primed before Creed painted it white. Now the dark stain is bleeding through. Plus, there's overspray on other woodwork and long drips.

Creed promised to fix some of the problems, but when Whalen had trouble getting him to show up on time, yet again, she fired him. That's when Creed threatened to put a lien on her home if she didn't pay him the $800 balance of the contract. That's money she said she needs to hire a new painter.

And Whalen isn't the only homeowner to complain about Creed. We also heard from Desi Goans of Edwardsville, Kan. Goans said she knew she'd made a mistake giving Creed a $750 deposit from the very first day.

"He was supposed to start that day, but did not show," Goans said.

When Creed did show up she said he only spent a few hours at her home. He said he needed to leave to borrow a ladder to reach the second floor. He said his had been stolen. By the time Creed sent over two men to paint her house, it still hadn't been power washed or caulked. She said he never even touched the back of the house and had only done small sections of the front.

When she called Creed to complain, telling him she was going to have a city inspector examine his contract, he texted back offering to give her a full refund. That was weeks ago and she has never seen it.