Gloomy skies don’t keep people from enjoying outdoor events around the metro

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PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. -- Dark clouds and rain drops have hovered over the metro for most of May, but on Friday night Mother Nature gave us a little break just in time for several big outdoor events.

Light rain cleared out to reveal cloudy skies above the annual Prairie Village Art Show, which is predicted to attract 20,000 people through the weekend.

“Well it’s rainy,” said Rob Williams, an artist who traveled from Windsor, Co., to showcase his artwork. “I mean you can’t do anything about the weather, so just put a smile on and have a good day.”

Art lovers toted umbrellas with the same positive attitude.

“There’s no lightning,” laughed Jan Sungail, “so we’re here! We came!”

Traveling artists said unpredictable forecasts are just part of the job, and the show must go on.

“It kind of goes with the territory,” Williams said. “So we’re used to setting up in worse weather than this and better weather. I mean, it could be seriously hot out and I’d prefer this!”

It’s a rain-or-shine mentality shared by Sporting Park, where Sporting KC took on FC Dallas Friday night.

“We expect it to be dry,” Chris Wyche, general manager of Sporting Park, said before the match. “There may be a little bit of a sprinkle, but we have a roof so that pretty much takes care of it for almost everybody.”

There will be no roof Saturday for Rockfest; but people are still planning to rock out.

“The good news is the fans that come out for this festival don’t mind getting a little dirty,” said Joe Litvag, executive producer at AEG Live. “It’s kind of part of the fun.”

Everyone, it seems, is determined to not let it rain on their parade.

“Not a downpour,” said Sungail, “but we brought umbrellas, so we’re ready!”

Organizers at each event said strong winds and lightning were their biggest weather concerns this weekend, but there were no issues Friday evening.

As for the rain, organizers for the art show said it caused a lower attendance Friday night, which they hope to make up for with sunnier skies and bigger crowds this weekend.

The art show is at the Village Shops and runs Saturday from 10-8 p.m. and Sunday from 11-4 p.m.