Man takes picture of hotdog buns stored in bathroom at Kansas restaurant

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TOPEKA, Kan. — A picture posted to Facebook, showing food stored in a bathroom at a Topeka restaurant is spreading rapidly.

Josh Benteman, the man who took and posted the picture, has filed a report with the Department of Agriculture, according to WIBW.

Benteman told WIBW that his kids were playing at the Drive-In’s playground when one of them had to use the restroom.

WIBW-13 NEWS contacted the Sonic corporate offices on Thursday and was told that the franchise manager investigated and determined that  “an employee made an error by storing the bread racks in the restroom for 30 minutes.”

He said as soon as the manager found the buns in there, they were immediately taken out of the store and discarded. Health inspectors who visited the restaurant the next day found no issues.

More training for the entire restaurant staff is planned.