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Patient develops app to help others at Children’s Mercy navigate their way around hospital

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Being in a hospital can be a very stressful time. A high school graduate knows first-hand how difficult it can be as a patient. That's why she set out to create an app that will help families navigate the hallways of children's mercy.

“Going to have my blood drawn over and over again, I often lost my way,” said Sohpia Porter. She has been treated for 11 years at CMH for Crohn’s Disease.

She developed an app to help families and patients better navigate the halls of the hospital. It’s called SWIPE or Software to Improve Patient Experience.

“You enter your location and their destination, and the app pulls up a 3-D map that we’ve created and routes them through just like a GPS,” she said.

GPS doesn’t work inside the building so Porter created a map based on markers like room numbers and office names.

It’s a large place. We see lots of kids every year so there are multiple places you can get lost,” said Morgan Waller with Children’s Mercy.

It took two years to design and a team to build the app. Students from the Blue Valley’s Center for Advanced Profession Studies, mentors, and a programmer from out-of-state all pitched in to help.

“I feel almost indebted to the hospital and I wanted to contribute to them as much as I could,” Porter said.

The app isn’t ready for public use yet, but Porter says she hopes it will be soon.

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