Metro middle schooler working to someday lift Olympic gold

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Emma Nye is a straight-A middle school student who hopes to be an architect someday—but she has some other goals that she wants to take care of first.

Nye, 12, is a 95-pound record-holding weightlifter who spends six days a week working out in her home gym and can squat double her own weight.

"They always ask me how much I weigh, how old I am, what I do basically," said Nye. "And they are really surprised once I tell them and show them videos."

The New Mark Middle School student used to be a gymnast until an injury forced her to quit. But that's when she discovered a new passion in weightlifting.

"I love the power and how you can be in control just like gymnastics, but it's just more technique and you kind of don't have to think about it as much," said Nye, who is practicing the 44-kilo snatch and the cling and jerk in preparation for U.S. Youth Nationals in Minneapolis on June 27th.

She says she spent a week at the U.S. Olympic Training Center and is excited to return.

How does Nye get psyched-up to compete?

"Oh I love Beyoncé," said Nye. "7-11 is my birthday so I listen to that one a lot."

Nye says that she hopes her trips to the U.S. Olympic Training Centers turn into something more permanent—she'd like to compete in the 2020 Olympics. But until then, she has some advice for other girls her age who are intimidated by weights.

"You can't let that affect you," said Nye. "So I just kind of went after it, and said I'm going to do this."

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