Men posing as water department: beware of scam

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Kansas City man wants to warn others not to fall for a scam that involved men who knocked on his door at night and pretended to be from the water department.

The three men who were pretending to be with the water department told a homeowner late at night that they got a call about his water pressure.

"They said that they had a report that we had low water pressure, and they need to come in and check it," says the homeowner, who didn't want to show his identity.

He showed surveillance video to FOX 4 from late Friday night.

"You see when the light came on, that`s when I opened the door up and after I told them no, I just shut the door and they just walked off," he added.

He decided to drive around the neighborhood looking for the men or any signs of the water department doing work.

"I came back and viewed the tape and it was kind of obvious it wasn't the water department," he says.

He says the three men were dressed like they were from the water department, except he thought it was odd they were wearing white tennis shoes. He didn't know there was a fourth man until watching the video.

"When you see this guy on the tape walk through here, he`s got a hoodie on, and pulled down tight over his head - it makes it obvious that they were up to no good," says the homeowner. "I think maybe he had the weapon and he's standing in the back waiting for them to get entry into the house."

The homeowner says they've had water problems in the neighborhood before, so he wasn't sure.

"I think it was the beginning of a home invasion," he says.

The water department says employees will always have I.D.s-- and they will never show up to your home unannounced--especially late at night.

William White, the Utilities Supervisor with the Water Services Department, says they usually send one person in a company car that's clearly marked.

"Anybody that would come or respond to a call from water services is going to have a picture I.D., and the consumer is going to know that we are going to be at their house," says White, who adds they also have a specific uniform. "An orange reflective shirt, we don`t wear vests anymore, blue work pants and steel toed boots...that`s a requirement," White says.

The homeowner says many of his neighbors told him after this incident they`re getting cameras installed too.

Police say they've seen similar situations and ask that you report any suspicious activity.