Family holds vigil for 3-year-old boy killed in drive-by shooting

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A family pleading for answers in the tragic death of a 3-year-old KCMO boy hosted a vigil Wednesday in hopes that justice will soon be served to the individual or the group of individuals responsible for their little one's death.

So far 26 people have come forward to share tips in the death of 3-year-old Amorian Hale who was killed when a bullet struck him in the head, but police said they still need more tips. The bullet that struck the toddler was one of 20 that hit the home where Amorian had been sleeping Sunday morning when a drive-by shooting broke out.

Police mark the holes where bullets entered the home.

Police mark the holes where bullets entered the home.

Amorian's father Chris Hale told FOX 4 that he use to have a hard time just dealing with simple injuries his son faced, now he has to deal with his death.

"I remember when he was one, he shut his finger in a door, and I think it was all the way it  broke and I just cried, cried, cried," Chris said.

Chris said he was the one who found the three-year-old lifeless in his bed.

"I ain't gonna ever get that picture out of my head," Chris said.

Amorian's grandfather Eric McKinney has also pleaded for the suspect or suspects to come forward and help put and end to the senseless violence.

"He was what we call the beginning of love," McKinney said. "The very example of love. He brought joy."

Amorain leaves behind his twin 2-year-old brothers and an infant sister.

"He played wrestling with his little brothers, teaching them how to walk, trying to feed them, just everything," Chris said of Amorian, who was the big brother.

Wednesday also marked Amorian's mom's birthday but instead of celebrating she spent the evening mourning the loss of her first born.

"I'm mad. Whoever did this didn't have to do it. They didn't have to do that to my house. They didn't have to do that to my baby," Monee McKinney said.

Detectives were at the vigil too and pleaded for witnesses to come forward.

Damon Daniel with Ad Hoc Group Against Crime says the concentration of poverty in the city breeds hopelessness, which breeds violence.

"If violence is a learned behavior we can teach our kids, this next generation how to be non violent," Daniel said.

Amorian is one of seven children who have been killed in the area over the past few months. Many of those children's cases have gone unsolved.

Six of the recent children killed in the KC-area.

Six of the recent children killed in the KC-area.

"How do you get those people to connect the dots with black on black crime?" Amorian's father Chris asked. "I don't know. I don't know."

Police encourage anyone with any information to please call the TIPS Hotline at (816) 474- TIPS.

A Go Fund Me account has been set up to help pay for Amorian’s funeral expenses. Click here if you want to contribute.

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