Heavy rain left many drivers stranded in high water

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Heavy downpours Wednesday morning left many drivers around Kansas City trapped on roadways.

Driver Dianne Pacheco said she was driving across Emanuel Cleaver II Boulevard when she noticed the water.

"I was driving down the street, and I saw the water," Pacheco said.  "I didn`t think it was too bad so I just started to drive across."

Pacheco said she was driving through the water when her vehicle came to a dead stop.

"Just as I was going through then the car stalled," she said. "I got water in the engine, and it wouldn`t run so I was stuck sitting there."

First responders checked on the Pacheco, but she says she was fine. The only damage done besides her car, was to her ego.

"I just went ahead and went through it and that wasn`t the smart thing to do obviously," Pacheco said.

In another neighborhood, Margaret Howard realized `her mistake` as soon as she hit the gas pedal along Brookside Boulevard. Her trip home from a nearby pharmacy quickly turned into trouble.

"When I got into the high water, I thought oh no, I`m stuck, I can`t get out, and then the water started coming in my car," she said.

Firefighters helped Howard out once they arrived, and she too had to have her vehicle towed.

"I guess I just have myself to blame because I drove into water, which they say not to do, but I didn`t realize it was this bad," Howard said.


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