Massive rain causes street closures, flooding in Odessa

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ODESSA, Mo. -- For some residents, it felt like the rain would never end in Odessa Wednesday.

"It's never rained like this before, this kind of magnitude," says Mitchell Bainbridge who spent a portion of his day trying  stop the rain from running into his mom and brother's basements.

Bainbridge said finding the right tools to fight the water was difficult because streets around Odessa were covered in water and made it almost impossible to get to the store.

"I  couldn't even get through town. I couldn't even get to the hardware store to get some tools because it seemed like every road was closed," he says.

The flooding continued at Thompson's Country Kitchen where nearly three inches of rain seeped into the kitchen.

"Just underneath the walls, there's just so much water coming off of that creek back there," says Chester Thompson. "We just couldn't keep it out. We had sump pumps, mops and squeegees, just trying to get the water out as fast as we could."

Employees at the restaurant worked hard to keep the building dry and diners happy, but they said they're worried another storm might be in the near future.

"Hopefully it won't be as bad as it was and it won't drown us out again," Thompson says.

10 streets in Odessa were closed down due to the massive flooding that resulted after six inches of rain quickly fell across the city. The streets were kept closed until Wednesday afternoon.

The city says it's ready if another storm comes through. All the road closure equipment is being held at the police department and will be taken out if needed.

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