Straight from farm to consumer: New company offers more affordable options for healthier products

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. --  Customers from all around the metro area lined up in the rain Wednesday to get fresh chicken that's delivered directly from farms in Georgia.

The large crowd was a sign of increasing consumer demand for hormone-free meat. Buyers who picked up the fresh meat say they ventured out into the rain because the chicken doesn't have hormones or artificial ingredients.

Zaycon Fresh is a company that eliminates the middle men of processing plants and grocers, and delivers fresh meat from farms where livestock are raised straight to consumers who plan to eat it.

"The product is hormone free, it's farm raised," said Doug Hoiby, a Zaycon Fresh ambassador. "For example, we have chicken on board, boneless skinless chicken this trip. The chickens eat bugs and grass like chickens are supposed to eat, they are not injected with moisture or water."

Customers said they believe the meat is healthier, and at a $1.69 per pound, they know the boneless, skinless chicken they're getting is cheaper than any they would find in a supermarket.

"Hopefully the meat is better for you than some of the stuff that is being put in the stores," said Helen Walterbach, a buyer from Weatherby Lake, Mo.

At one stop in a Northland church parking lot, Zaycon delivered 50 cases of fresh chicken. At 40 pounds per case, that's one ton of fresh meat feeding the community.

Customers order online then makes stops around the country including Kansas City. There are nealy 1,500 stops that occcur across the nation every couple of months.

Click here to learn more about Zaycon Fresh or to find out when they will be at location near you.

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