Kearney rescue crews help save woman and dogs stranded in high water

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KEARNEY, Mo. -- Sandra McComb was on her way to some appointments when she found herself stranded in high water.

‪"As I drove through this area, it looked like it was a puddle -- it didn't look like it was very deep," says McComb, who says she didn't see any signs, then drove through the water which wasn't as shallow as she originally thought.

 "So I turned my car to leave, and the current was unbelievable, my car stalled it would not restart," McComb adds.

McComb says this was the scariest experience of her life, and says she's certainly learned her lesson.

‪"And the water just became deeper, and deeper, and deeper," McComb says, "I rolled down my window, and I leaned on my horn because I was in a pretty desolate area,"

 she says.

McComb said she started yelling for help. Luckily, Detective Allen with the Kearney Police Department was driving by to check how high the water was, saw her, and called for help.

‪"My dogs were going to die along with me, I guess that's what I was thinking at that point," McComb says. "And I thought well maybe I could crawl out the window, grab the dogs and try to walk through it."


She says the current was overwhelming. After being stuck for an hour and a half, the Smithville Fire Department brought a raft that she crawled out the window and fell onto.


‪"She was hysterical when the first officer came on scene," Kearney Police Chief Tom Carey says.

‪He also says McComb's situation is the perfect example of why you should always turn around.

‪"Don't drive past the signs, don't drive into high water, even if there aren't signs -- don't drive into high water," Carey says.

McComb says her dad, who passed away a year ago, bought her this car.

‪"I guess he was with me today, God and my dad were with me today," says a teary eyed McComb.

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