Man finally reunited with lawn mower after fighting repair company for weeks

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- The lawn at Ron Voll's house has never been higher.

Voll said his lawn mower has been missing since May 6 and the constant rain isn't helping.

"Somebody has to know where this lawn mower is," Voll said.

Voll said the last time he saw his lawn mower he had taken it to Sears to have warranty work done. Sears told him it no longer repaired lawn mowers and sent him to a small lawn mower repair service in Kansas City, Kansas. The business is one that Sears said it contracts with for warranty work.

Two days later Voll said he got a call from the shop owner who said his mower was fixed, but wouldn't be released until Sears completed the paperwork. The shop owner then gave Voll a Sears phone number to call to get the release he needed.

"There began the tumble down Alice's rabbit hole," Voll told FOX 4.

For days Voll couldn't get in contact with anyone by using the Sears help line. Then, when he finally did reach someone, he was told his mower had been shipped out of town, but they didn't know where.

Voll said he was desperate to get it back, so he paid a visit to the Sears store near his home in Overland Park, but couldn't get any help.

"Somebody knows where it is, but not the people I've talked to," Voll said.

He said every phone call he makes elicits the same three responses: "I dont' know. Wrong department. Try another number."

The only time he ever got an offer of help was when he posted a complaint on Sears' Facebook page, but even that help didn't materialize. And now he's been blocked from posting.

Fox 4 Problem Solvers tried to contact Sears corporate office. We left messages with both the media line and a public relations official, but didn't get a single response back.

Then we decided to pay a visit to that repair shop in KCK, where Voll had last seen his mower. We discovered it was still there, sitting in the back with a dozen other repaired mowers, all waiting to be released by Sears.

We also learned that Voll is not the only frustrated Sears customer. While at that KCK shop we met Crespin Romo who was picking up his lawn mower.

"Today will be three weeks," said Romo of Edwardsville, Kansas. He told FOX 4 he'd made more than 10 phone calls trying to get his mower back and once waited on hold for nearly an hour. Romo's persistence finally paid off. Shortly after, Voll's did too.  Voll said he finally got a phone call from Sears telling him his mower was ready to be picked up.

"No apology, no nothing," Voll said clearly irritated. "I'm just glad to have it back."

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