Mosby, Mo. residents plan to evacuate homes for second time in two weeks

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MOSBY, Mo. -- For the second time in two and a half weeks, people in Mosby, Mo. are evacuating their homes because of the swollen Fishing River.

In just two hours, the river rose enough to cover the entire section of Main Street Thursday afternoon. Around that same time Clay County Emergency Management asked all residents to evacuate the town immediately.

Mosby is home to about 200 people and police say that nearly 75 percent of the residents have water in their homes due to the flash floods. As of 10 p.m. Thursday night, water was rising into many yards and basements, and devouring street signs, parked cars and primary bridges and streets.

Nicole Wilms, whose home is just a few blocks from the river, said she is packing up herself and her 4-year-old son Skyler, and they will be heading to a friend's home for a while.

"I'm gonna protect my son and myself," Wilms said. "I don't want to drive into water I can't see."

Unlike Wilms, some people said they aren't leaving.

"If they decide they want to stay, it's at their own risk," Lt. Jason Lininger says. "If they call, we will come in and escort them out of their home."

Wilms' dad said he is staying put in Mosby, but plans to keep a close eye on the rising river.

"I have four boxer dogs I got to take care of them until I can't stay here," Wilms' father Bobby Branscom said. "And then see, probably have them out. I'll just take the Jeep and haul out."

Paul Kennedy, another Mosby resident, says his home belongs to his grandfather in generations past. As he watches flood water rise into his yard, he's waiting and worrying, having lived in Mosby all of his life. Kennedy says he's not leaving because water never enters his home during times of flooding.

"(Police) came through and said it's a mandatory evacuation," Kennedy said. "We all know that's not right because there's no military out here."

Two and a half weeks ago the Fishing River spilled over its banks at a record pace and also forced evacuations.  So far the river has climbed to 29.5 feet, which is nine feet above flood level. The big fear among residents is that the river could reach 32 feet before all the rain subsides.

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