Video shows ATA bus driver gambling with high water

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Video released Thursday showed a Kansas City bus driver gambling and losing with high water.

The video above shows the view from inside of an ATA bus looking out onto Brookside Boulevard.

You can see at first the road looks wet, then becomes puddled. The water pools so much on the road that the yellow line down the center disappears.

"It can come up at a moments notice and as you can see on the video it was heavily raining, there was a lot of water, but it was very sudden that street was completely covered," Cindy Baker with KC ATA said.

Baker said drivers are instructed not to drive through high water, but in the video the driver kept going.

" You don't know it is standing water until you are there frankly," Baker said. "She did the right thing and did not proceed. There were cars that were continuing in, but she did stop and call for assistance."

Firefighters who responded to the call for help said water had begun to seep inside of the bus, but they were able to get all the passengers off safely.

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