KCK rescue crews find body of man swept away by river in KCK

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32-year-old John Shead

KANSAS CITY, Kan. — KCK police said they found the body of a man whose friend claimed he was swept away by the fast-moving water of Turkey Creek.

Police said the body of 32-year-old John Shead was found around 3:30 p.m. Friday between Lexington and Waverly, Mo.

Shead was originally reported missing on May 29 when his friend, Elena Cornejo called 911 to report that Shead and his truck had been swept away by the fast-moving water. Rescue crews searched the area but nothing turned up.

Cornejo said she and Shead had taken a drive when he jokingly began to drive his pick-up truck down a steep concrete ramp that empties out into the river.

“He starts coming down the ramp and he stops and tries to go back, reverse back up it, but the tires are just spinning and spinning,” Cornejo told FOX 4 in an earlier interview.

It was raining that day, and Cornejo said the ramp was slick. Despite Shead’s best efforts, she said he couldn’t make it back up and soon his truck began sliding into the water.

Cornejo said she hopped out, but claimed Shead wasn’t giving up.

“I was screaming at him to get out of the truck,” she said.

Cornejo said Shead tried to hang on once he was sucked into the river, but the current was too strong.