Health officials search for those who could have been exposed to rare form of TB

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. --  Doctors say a woman who contracted an extremely rare form of tuberculosis spent time in Missouri before being hospitalized. Now health officials are trying to track down anyone she may have come into contact with.

Health officials haven't said exactly where in Missouri the woman spent time before getting treatment, but did say the form of TB the woman has is very rare, deadly and difficult to treat because it is drug resistant.

The search includes people in Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee and on a plane from India to Chicago.

Jeff Hershberger with the KCMO health department says the Health Dept. hasn't been contacted about any drug resistant TB cases in the KC area.

People in the metro recently had a TB scare after a TB outbreak at Olathe Northwest High School. Three dozen students are currently being treated for latent TB after being exposed to a student with active TB. Those who test positive for TB were given  a three to nine month course of antibiotics to ensure it doesn't become active.