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Police imposter spotted joyriding in marked KCPD car that’s supposed to be off the road

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A marked police car with its siren flashing has been spotted speeding through parts of Kansas City, Mo., but there is just one problem – it’s not a real police officer behind the wheel.

“I think it’s pretty crazy,” said Mitch Anderson, who lives in the metro. “It would definitely cause a stir anywhere I was.”

Police tell FOX 4 it's an old department car, described as a blue 2003 Ford Crown Victoria marked with the number 447. It was sent to a salvage yard to get crushed last year, but somehow that never happened.

“I do think the public should know about it,” said David Bentley, who lives in KCMO.

Police said the salvage yard is a third-party company contracted with the city, and it is currently working to find out why protocol wasn't followed.

“I would think there would be a little more regulation around that,” Anderson said, “as far as when you turn in an old police officer’s vehicle. I don’t know how they got the vehicle, if it slipped through the cracks.”

Police said recently that both officers and people in the community have reported seeing the marked car driving erratically, speeding through parts of the city's Central and East Patrol Divisions –sometimes with sirens and lights flashing.

“If this person is breaking laws,” Bentley said, “as they’re traveling through town, what other possibilities might they do? They might try to do some pranks on a person or maybe even worse than that.”

Police don't yet know who's behind the wheel, but they told FOX 4 the person has not displayed violent or aggressive behavior beyond his joyrides.

Still, people want to be on the lookout.

“I just can’t imagine that the other police officers,” Anderson said, “knowing that there’s one out there, aren’t going to catch him pretty quickly. You know, you turn on a siren, it`s pointing a big arrow to yourself.”

Since this person hasn't acted violently, police don't want to cause mass concern. But if you see this car, call them, and if you're pulled over by what looks like a cop car, and you're feeling uneasy, you can always call 911 to confirm with the dispatcher that the officer is legitimate.