Homeowner can’t recall experiencing anything quite like this year’s Cicada invasion

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- We are in the thick of a Cicada invasion and there’s no getting out of it. These pesky bugs are part of the 17 year cycle and this is year 17. The loud, drawn out sounds of summer is the mating call of the cicada.

“I really feel like I need to be medicated if this goes on much longer,” said Brenda, a homeowner.

Brenda has never seen an invasion quite like this. That’s because Cicadas emerge every 17 years and this is the year.

“It started with little holes in the ground. I didn’t know what they were so I just threw grass seeds in the holes. I can always use a little more grass,” she said.

The bugs nest underground until it’s time to burrow up, shed their shells, and find a mate. It’s a pretty messy process.

“There are hundreds of them in the trees. There are probably hundreds of dead little corpses on my lawn,” Brenda said.

Their high-pitched, pulsing whine crescendos at the warmest time of day. The singing stops at night. The Cicadas are harmless, just annoying.

“They have beady little orange eyes, they’re gross, and they dive bomb at you. They don’t fly very fast,” she said.

Relief is coming. The love song will only a few weeks and won’t appear until another 17 years. That’s in 2032.

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