Madam President Camp strives to equip teenage girls with more confidence

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Giving young girls the courage to go for dreams -- whether they want to be lawyers, doctors, or the president -- a local week long all girls camp hopes to do just that.

"This year's kind of been hard for me, I think confidence is something I need, especially because every year at school we have to do speeches that are four minutes long," said 13-year-old Audrey Hentges, who signed up for the Madam President Camp hosted by UMKC hoping to boost her confidence.

"Confidence is a big thing that you need in your life," said Hentges.

Campers develop hands-on knowledge of our government, learn leadership skills, and team building -- all while having fun.

"We first of all help them focus on a goal, a big goal, running for student council, developing a new club, whatever that is,"  said Julie Warm, the camp director.

Warm says this camp encourages girls to become actively involved in making critical decisions that affect their lives.

"The research shows that girls up to 14 are strong, strong in their belief about themselves, about their leadership skills, and somewhere between 14 and 21 there are significant losses in their self-confidence and leadership skills and their ability to put themselves out there," Warm added.

"It's a great opportunity to learn about leadership and confidence," said another camper, 13-year-old Emma Foley.

Foley says she signed up to prepare herself for the future.

"I think every young woman needs to know all these skills for jobs and just for life in general," added Foley.

Campers say the best part is having something interesting to do between the school years, and meeting people like themselves.

"They click with you, you can understand them," said Hentges.

"It keeps me active, and not just sitting home on the couch, and its fun to meet new people and friends," Foley said.

Another session will be held next week, click on this link for details.

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