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Women say they were assaulted, attacked with piece of concrete near Plaza during car robbery

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- An attack on two women has a neighborhood west of the Country Club Plaza on edge. A brutal beating and car theft could have turned out much worse than it did, if not for help from some good Samaritans.

Samantha Nofsinger-Smith said she drove her friend home from work Thursday night. The two got out of the car so Samantha's friend could show her the courtyard of this building, and that’s when she says they were attacked by three women.

"The girls didn't seem like they were coming to attack us, until, it's just snapped, they just snapped and it was terrifying,” Samantha said.

She said she didn’t think anything when a woman walked up to her and her friend Jamie asking for a cell phone and gas money. But it quickly became clear, there was something bad about to happen.

"I heard Jamie scream and her hair I saw her head yank back. They grabbed her hair and they started punching her. She hit the floor really hard,” Samantha said. “They were kicking her, punching her.”

That’s when Samantha says another woman picked up a large piece of concrete and threw it at her, knocking her to the ground.

“I saw something in her hand and thought that's and odd thing. Then once it hit me, I realized I was being attacked," she said.

"The girl grabbed me by the hair and started punching me in the back of the head, and so once that happened and she started asking me for my keys, I just thought my mom says give them what they want, you can replace a car, you can't replace yourself,” she continued.

"It sounded like somebody was having fun at first like they were just playing around but them the screams continued and that when we realized there was a problem,” witness Austin Anderson said.

Austin Anderson and Moira Sullivan ran out of their apartment to see what was going on just as the woman sped off in Samantha's car.

"They were just hysterically screaming about their car," Anderson said.

"I am glad that they came out, that Jamie's neighbors were out in the courtyard and that they came and helped because I don't think they would have stopped just for my car keys,” Samantha said.

Rajanae Walker, 17, was charged with accessory to robbery related to an attack and car robbery near the Plaza on June 11.

Rajanae Walker, 17, was charged with accessory to robbery related to an attack and car robbery near the Plaza on June 11.

Police spotted Samantha's car heading across town at Emanuel Cleaver II Boulevard and South Benton. The woman allegedly driving the car has been arrested and charged. Rajanae M. Walker, 17, is currently charged with one count of accessory to robbery. According to court documents, she waived her Miranda Rights and spoke with police. She said she needed a car to see her 14-year-old brother, and “took one from a white lady near the Plaza.”

Walker denied assaulting anyone with a brick, and didn’t identify any other suspects. It’s currently unknown if anyone else has been arrested in connection with this case.

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