‘Sleepyhead Beds’ works to get local families in need a goodnight’s rest

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Thousands of children in Kansas City spend the night on the floor or a couch because they are in need of their own bed, and as a result many aren't getting the rest they need.

The group, Sleepyhead Beds, is trying to meet the growing need and they could use your help.

The promise of a free bed had dozens of folks up early on Saturday morning.

"It’s great I love it. I need a bed. Bad," said Walt Holmes.

There are 1,300 Kansas City families on waiting lists, with an estimated 3,000 thousand children who do not have a good place to lay their heads.

"We have kids across the city who are living in poverty and don't have a place to sleep, and mattresses are expensive," said Sam Cook with Sleepyhead Beds.

So since 2010, Sleepyhead Beds has collected good mattresses, disinfected them and doled them out. The task takes an army of volunteers.

"You see children in situations that if it was your own kids you would be touched and try to contribute more to," said Tom Wagers, a volunteer.

Norma Kramer manages a low income apartment complex. She discovered one of her families with three sweet kids in need of help.

“She literally had nothing in her apartment, no beds no nothing,” said Kramer.

So Sleepyhead Beds volunteers went to work for the Williamsons, and finally got two beds for the family of five to share.

If you need a bed or would like to donate one, CLICK HERE for more information.