Driver loses control and slams into corner of Overland Park garage

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- Two girls walked away from an accident after their car slammed into a home, but the house wasn’t so lucky. The car was towed away from the scene at 149th and Newton on Tuesday night after a young driver lost control and slammed into the garage.

Carolyn Thurman said she and a neighbor were inside her home shortly before 10 on Monday night when they heard a screeching sound, and then the house shook.

“It pretty well took that corner of the garage out, but thank you God for the big tree that was there that they knocked down. I think that saved them from coming in on my garage and getting my car,” Thurman said.

She says she’s taking it in stride, and is glad nobody was injured.

“They had to get the house secured because they were afraid that when they pulled the car out, the house would collapse, the garage would collapse and that’s all tied into the high peak on my roof,” Thurman said.

She said she told the driver’s father that material things can be fixed, but people aren’t always so fortunate. Insurance will cover the cost of the repairs.

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