Olathe celebrates program that is helping keep neighborhoods safe

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OLATHE, Kan. — The city of Olathe is celebrating the success of a private social network throughout its neighborhoods.

For one year, the Olathe Police department has partnered with “Nextdoor” to promote community communications and in the process, more than 7,000 Olathe residents have used the program.

In June of 2014 there were just 26 neighborhoods that communicated through Nextdoor, now there are now 134.

“It’s being used more and more starting more with police departments, migrating to fire departments, and it just continues to get bigger as it goes on,” said Mike Hall with the Olathe Fire Department. “But, it’s a great tool for us to reach out to people who want to be engaged.”

The site is free for people to join, and it is utilized to share information about neighborhood watch, safety issues, local events, school activities, upcoming garage sales and more. It is also only accessible by those who live in the neighborhood.

“It’s been very good,” Sgt. Bryan Hill said. “We use it for numerous things, crime specific information, a lot of people don’t know a crime occurred one block over. Often they don’t know, but they can check on Nextdoor and say, ‘oh there’s a car break-in next-door, one block over. Now, I’ll be aware.’ This is the information that we put out in the hopes that maybe other neighbors saw this and can give us additional information.”

To join Nextdoor and start communicating with your neighborhood click here.

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