Tonganoxie police investigate girl’s sexual assault claims

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TONGANOXIE, Kan. – Two teenage boys are accused of sexually assaulting a middle school-aged girl has shaken up a small Kansas town.

"I'm just shocked to hear that something like that might've happened around here in this small town,” said Melissa Mathia.

Mathia and Charles Conrad are just two of many parents in the area now extremely concerned about a case detectives with the Tonganoxie Police Department are now sorting through.

"My God just to hear ‘brutal attack and a teenage girl’ together in one sentence, just eats at me,” said Conrad.

At the crux of the investigation:  did two high school boys repeatedly, sexually assault a 13-year-old girl inside an apartment over the weekend?

Neighbors say what began as an apparent teenage party at an apartment located at the Cedar Hills Apartment Complex on Ridge Court, abruptly ended late Saturday night when cops arrived.

The man who lives at the apartment with his 17-year-old son says initially he was asleep when his son and the boy's friends were partying and drinking beers.

The man, who asked us to not release his name, spoke exclusively by telephone to FOX 4’s Robert Townsend on Wednesday.

"Man I can tell you that those kids were just hanging out, acting like kids. They all wanted to just be back in the bedroom. There were at least four girls and three boys in there; so many kids that they couldn't do anything wrong,” said the apartment tenant.

The man also says police gave him a ticket for allowing minors to consume alcohol in his home.

"I did not get arrested. I did not go to jail like another TV station said I did,” he said.

“I did talk to the parents of the young girl and they said she was supposed to spend the night with another girl, and she lied to her parents and took off with my son and the other kids, and ended up at my apartment, " added the man, who also says he talked extensively to police.

Meantime, Tonganoxie's police chief isn't commenting on the case because it's an ongoing investigation.

There haven't been any arrests so far.

"When this is all over I don't expect anyone to be charged,” said the man who lives at the lower-level apartment.

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