Kidnapping victim escapes Lawrence home, four suspects accused of beating her

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LAWRENCE, Kan. -- Four people were arrested in a southeast Lawrence neighborhood and are now in jail, charged with some serious crimes. The Douglas County prosecutor says the four suspects, all in their 20's, kidnapped and beat a woman over the course of several days until the victim escaped.

At a Friday afternoon hearing, one of the suspects, Tabatha Mallory, seemingly admitted to the judge that she was guilty when asking for no bond, telling him she is on disability and doesn’t have any money saying, "I understand what I did was wrong..." before the judge interrupted her.

It was Tuesday night when Kazeem Hameed realized something was going on across the street from his Maple Lane home at Mallory's house.

“There was a lady that was right by the mailbox, and there was another one in the doorway, and they were having an exchange of words, pretty heated,” he said.

Hameed couldn’t hear what they were saying and ignored the fighting women. While police aren't commenting, sources say the victim was held at the home for days and beaten. She was able to escape her captors on Tuesday night when some of the suspects were out of the house, according to police. She ended up at the home of a relative with serious injuries to her face and body.

“I just saw them bringing the lady out, putting her in the backseat. Moments later, I saw them bringing out two guys,” Hameed said.

On Wednesday, 25-year-old Mallory, 23-year-old Chelsea Adams, and 26-year-old Christopher Fast were charged with aggravated kidnapping and aggravated battery. Twenty-nine-year old Anthony Thomas has also been charged with aggravated battery.

“I wish had known and done something about it. Maybe she wouldn’t have been kept so long. It changed my view of how I see things right now,” Hameed said.

Thomas is being held on a $15,000 cash bond. The other three suspect must come up with $150,000 cash bonds to get out of jail. All four are due back in court on June 29.