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Joe’s Weather Blog: Flooding rains close to KC (5P SUN-6/21)

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

5PM Update: Storms winding down now…should be a quiet night and from KC westwards we should stay dry. Winds will be on the increase as the night moves along however…temperatures will be steady and perhaps even rise as the hotter air to the SW of KC moves back into the region.


Summer came in with some big bangs of thunder and more flooding rainfall in a part of the metro that has been plagued by downpours over the past 7 weeks or so…just north of I-70. Rainfall amounts were heaviest in Clay/Platte/Ray/Carrol counties…and more storms are out there…they’re mostly moving from the west to the east…with little southward motion at this point…

Forecast: (updated at 5PM)

Tonight: Storms fade and skies clear out. Temperatures stay warm with lows in the 70s.

Tomorrow: Hot and humid with highs in the 90s. Heat index near 105° again. There is a chance of storms later tomorrow night into Tuesday morning. Windy as well…sort of a repeat of Saturday. A Heat Advisory is in effect for Monday afternoon/early evening

Tuesday: A brief break in the heat with highs in the 80-85° range. A nice break…but there will be a chance of rain at times as well.. Should there be a bit more rain out there…it’s not out of the question that we’re only in the 70s for highs.


Storms exploded between 8:30 and 9AM…hail to golfball size was reported in Smithville and other areas had 1″ hail. Many areas had flooding rainfall north of the I-70 corridor. I wasn’t surprised by the storms…the training storms though were surprising to me. Obviously since there is some much heat and humidity out there…the storms were able to produce a ton of rain…but the constant development wasn’t expected by me. Once again the Fishing River near Excelsior Springs is coming out of it’s banks again.

Notice on the satellite picture that skies are bright and sunny to the south of KC…that is a lot of heat and instability building and feeding northwards.


radar shows the continued development of storms…and while they’ve stayed north of KC so far…there are new storms forming in NE KS that may drop farther southeast overtime this afternoon.


Mark tweeted in this picture while I was writing the afternoon weather blog…wow!

Parts of the area are now under a severe thunderstorm watch till 5PM…


The storms appear to be forming near a stationary front that should start lifting north later today…the rain is helping to retard that northward shift for the time being that’s why we’re seeing repeated convection. There is more of a cap to the SW of KC…so we’re right on the dividing area between being capped and not capped…that often is an area that we monitor for storms. Here are the severe weather reports received so far today…from the SPC.

Rainfall amounts were in the 3-5″+ range…Plattsburg had 4+” and have had an incredible 34.27″ since 5/1!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing.

After today…we’re back into the heat and humidity for tomorrow and Wednesday. A weak front may move towards the area on Tuesday…giving us some storm chances later Monday night into Tuesday AM…and also a little break in the heat for 1 day or so before it comes roaring back on Wednesday.

More comfortable weather is likely next weekend…


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